"Helping People by Buying Houses"

Frequently asked questions

answers to your questions...

1. How do I get a cash offer on my home?

Simply type your information in and we will contact you within 24 hours to meet with you.

2. Do I have to accept your offer?

No!  If our offer works for you, great! If not, you have no obligation to us whatsoever.

3. How soon can I get paid?

Usually we can close on properties in 7 days. At that point the closing company will be able to give you your check!

4. I inherited a house and do not live locally.  Will you still work with me?
Yes!  We will work with out of state owners.

5. Are there any realtor fees or commissions?
No, there are no fees or commission costs to you ever!

6. Are you going to give me time to find a new place?
Yes! We will work with you to make this transition as easy as possible. Just let us know how much time you need and we will accommodate you!

7. What happens to all the extra stuff we want to leave in the house?
We will dispose or anything you don't want We want to make it as easy on you as possible!

8. My house is in rough shape and needs a lot of work. Will you still buy it?
Yes!  We will buy houses in any condition!  No repairs are necessary, we will buy it any condition!

9. Why should I work with you?
~ We are local. We are the end buyer. We close quickly so you can have cash as soon as possible. We are locally owned and operated. We make it simple and easy.